Au pairing without an Agency

These days it’s fairly easy to au pair anywhere you want in the world without paying an agency to set it all up for you. But then again, when it comes down to your visa an au pair organization is in some cases necessary as they are the ones who sponsor your visa. The USA is such an example. „Au pairing without an Agency“ weiterlesen

Presents and Gifts Host Families (actually) want

Bringing your host family some gifts is a nice attention and great ice breaker. But what should you take with you? What do host families like?

Since I have been an au pair twice now I have a fair idea of what to bring with you to a foreign country. „Presents and Gifts Host Families (actually) want“ weiterlesen

Au pair School

After being in the non-immigration line for 1,5 hours me and the other au pairs finally made it out of the arrival area. Our luggage was already sitting there, lonely, waiting for us to pick it up. A nice lady with an au pair sign welcomed us, but it took at least another 1,5 hours before we finally arrived at our hotel as we were waiting for more au pairs to land. I can’t even tell you how exhausted I was. „Au pair School“ weiterlesen

How to find the right Host Family

Finding the „right host family“ seems to be one of the biggest au pair dilemmas. Several of my applicants contacted me in panic: “Julia I don’t know what to do. There is a family I like, but I don’t know if I should match with them or not. I am scared to make a wrong decision here. Can you please tell me what to do?”

It made me realize that this is a highly requested topic in the pre-au pair community. „How to find the right Host Family“ weiterlesen

The Julia Zucker’s personal favorites and must dos in New York

IPhone Julia 225
„There is an energy to New York that is unlike any other city in the world.“ – XXMK

I am very excited about this Blog post since it’s dedicated to the city I love the most: NEW YORK. Ever since I au paired in Westchester NY, I am madly in love with this city. I visited plenty of American cities while living there, but to me there is just no place as awesome and amazing as “the city that never sleeps”. New York was actually one of the reasons why I extended my au pair time and it also made me realize that I am a city person. In the past years I revisited New York three times already as going there is just always a good idea. This city has a lot to offer and I feel like there is so much I actually haven’t seen yet. May I proudly present to you my personal New York favorites:

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How I matched with my host family

Once I decided that I really will become an au pair in America (USA), I started slowly but surely with the application process. I chose not to tell everyone though since I don’t like ‚bragging‘ about things until they are a done deal and therefore actually going to happen. Plus, I saw that my classmates were totally exited and all over my other au pair companions, so I decided to keep it to myself until I match with a family. Of course my parents and very close friends knew my ‚little secret‘. 

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