My name is Julia Zucker and I am an Expert in the Au Pair business.

I’ve been an au pair twice (USA and France) and I also worked for a big au pair agency.

I honestly never thought about myself as a writer, except that one time in 2014 when parts of my Bachelor thesis about a “scandalous” children’s theater play got published at SYN Magazin. I had to write many papers while studying, but basically all of them had to be based on scientific evidence.

In general I prefer talking rather than writing. It’s faster, more convenient and personal. So why start a Blog?

It’s because I would love to be able to help and inspire others by the experiences I made so far, especially when it comes down to the au pair business. I really enjoyed counseling and interviewing young au pair applicants and a part of me always was a ‚mommy and shepherdy‘ kind of character. I’ve always loved talking about my own adventures and how they made me grow. The au pair journey has definitely had a big impact and some stories and tips might be helpful for one or two of you out there. Traveling and living abroad is a big part of my life. Whenever I meet someone new, I end up talking about my travel experience. It’s just a part of me and there are plenty of stories I can tell and plenty advise I can hand out.

Lovely Agnes Fox

I lived and still live the perks and downsides of an au pair. So far, I’ve never shared my thoughts and opinions with an online community and I am not sure how I feel about giving (at least some) private things away, but I wanna give it a try …

This Blog should cater young people who are thinking about becoming an au pair or already are an au pair. I want to work with the questions and needs of my audience, so feel free to contact me.


I grew up in the Austrian countryside. At the age of 19 I became a pedagogue and kindergarten teacher. Right after High School I au paired for almost two years in New York and have been in love with this city ever since. Once I returned to Austria, I did my BA in Vienna. During that time and even after my BA, I taught kindergarten. A little while later, I also started working for a big travel and au pair company. My main duty was counseling and interviewing au pairs. Due to a quater-life-crisis I decided to get rid of all kinds of obligations and commitments. Over the last 9 months I au paired in France. I am an au pair expert, a young woman full of hopes and dreams, I am a traveler, a globetrotter, an explorer, a Gutmensch, a Millennial. My life motto: Stop waiting for life to start.


Thanks to Acerbic Inq and Mandy for proofreading my work!

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